Our dentists in Bulgaria offer one to five-year-guarantee for dental treatment and
recovery. Our guarantee gives you the best security for dental treatment in the
Plovdiv region. If you have problems that can be covered by the guarantee, please
do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Guarantee Period

Fixed restorations: five years (bridges, crowns, fillings)
Dental implants: five years
Partial dentures: three years
Complete prosthesis: one year

For unforeseen root canal treatment, which is necessary when preparing teeth for
crowns and dental bridges, no guarantee is provided. An exception is made when the
teeth hurt during the actual preparation.

For interim decisions on the treatment and prosthesis guarantee is not provided.

Conditions under which the guarantee is invalid or reduced:

¬ If the patient skips the annual check-up with his/her dentist
¬ If the patient does not comply with the usual oral hygiene
¬ If the patient does not obey the instructions of his/her dentist (eg, the patient does
not bear the prosthesis (full denture) at night)
¬ If the patient undergoes dental treatment in another clinic
¬ If the moving parts or the entire denture is not used and kept well
¬ When facial tissue decreases due to age characteristics
¬ If the patient smokes
¬ If in a short period of time the patient either gains or loses more than 10% weight
¬ If the guarantee claim relates to an incident (accident)
¬ If the guarantee claim is related to a disease that negatively affects the condition
of the teeth (eg diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, health condition after x-ray or
¬ A guarantee may be approved only after checking the above conditions by the