Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry makes even the impossible to change radically your smile and confidence. In Dental Clinic Amaya we strive with minimal intervention from our side, to achieve harmony and emphasize your individual smile so that you can confirm our motto "Smile on life, so that life will smile on you!"


Veneers are thin sheets of dental ceramics, which permanently change the shape, color, size and arrangement of the teeth. Our philosophy of placing veneers is that only minimal extremely gentle grinding of teeth is possible to achieve good functionally durable results.

Fully porcelain and zirconium crowns:

This is the most advanced and unique restoration technology through which enviable strength is achieved. Only non-metallic ceramic crowns can provide aesthetics that gives the comfort of free and confident smile.


Bonding is a modern solution for aesthetic restoration of defects in your smile using special composite materials, in some cases replacing veneers. In Dental Clinic Amaya we work with internationally recognized materials manufactured by the companies Miris – Coltene, 3M – Ultimate, Gradia – GC, etc.

Teeth Whitening

-Teeth whitening in the clinic

Changing the color of your teeth within a few clinical procedures, each of them lasting about an hour. The procedure is painless. A whitening gel is applied on the teeth and after that is activated with a special lamp. It takes several visits to enjoy without any risk your white and beautiful teeth. Bleaching is completely harmless and does not alter the strength of the teeth.

-Teeth whitening at home

Changing the color of teeth within a few weeks while you're at home and relaxing. Whitening is achieved through individual silicon strips prepared and fixed in advance and using a whitening gel for home use. After completion of the procedures we shall give you instructions on how to maintain the achieved effect.

Aesthetic dentistry