Digital X

Our goal is high quality to assist dentists in making the correct diagnosis. We rely on modern, advanced equipment from the leading manufacturer Planmeca - Finland. Modern equipment provides minimum and safety radiation doses for patients. Digital dental images provide high resolution, clear image, easy handling, storing and maintaining a database.

Standard program

In Dental Clinic Amaya we use the most advanced digital X-ray equipment, which ensures outstanding resolution, easy and affordable processing. Planmeca Digital X-ray apparatus makes 6 types of digital panoramic images. Irradiation is 30% lower than the standard X-ray apparatus.

Children mode

There is also a children mode with automatically reduced field of exposure which means 20 % reduced exposure of patients without any loss of diagnostic information.

Vertical segmentation

Vertical segmentation can be used in panoramic images. Thus the field of exposure is only that part which is of diagnostic interest. Thus, irradiation may be reduced by up to 80% compared to full field exposure. This is very convenient if you need several pictures of a particular part of the jaw during treatment.


Automatic program for temporomandibular joints (TMJ) provides a side view in the open and closed position of the image. This facilitates the diagnosis of diseases of the TMJ.


A program specifically designed for sinuses, providing a clear X-ray image of the sinuses.

Segment photos

For segmented images Planmeca Intra + Planmeca ProSensor are used to provide high quality images which facilitate diagnostics. The rounded shape of the sensor increases patient` s comfort. Its hermetically sealed body allows for easy disinfection and prevention of infections.    


Digital X