Oral Surgery

Oral surgery offers treatment of surgical diseases in the oral cavity and the adjacentdiseases of the maxillofacial area.

The clinic carries out a number of manipulations subject to the oral surgery:

apical osteotomy

operation of cysts (cystectomy)

extraction of erupted teeth

surgical removal of retained /not erupted/ and half-eruptedteeth

correction of frenum of the tongue and lips

periodontal surgery

bone implantation

puncture, incision and drainage of abscess

reimplantation of tooth

hemisection of a multiple root tooth 

correction of alveolar arch

total plastic of vestibulum or the floor of the mouth cavity

excision of benign formations

disclosure of retinated tooth with orthodontic purpose

open curettage

lifting the floor of the maxillary sinus (sinuslift)

closing the communication with the maxillary sinus

splinting in case of injuries in the maxillofacial area.

Oral Surgery